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What they are saying about us

What are they saying about us?

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From Emails sent to Internet4Classrooms about our site.

From a parent in Canada:
Thank you for spreading light of knowledge to the masses at no cost all over the world. Sincere blessing from everybody.

From a teacher in NY:
I have been using this site for years! First, as a computer resource teacher, second, as a classroom teacher. It is fabulous! I love the new look. I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you and all of those who contribute to make the site. I know how much time a commitment like this is and want you to know it is greatly appreciated. It is a boon to any educator, student and parent!!

From a classroom teacher in Kansas:
Thank you for a valuable resource I use over and over. Being a busy teacher, you have saved me time by getting the resources I need to use in one place. Thank you again!

From a middle school teacher in Idalou, TX:
I am a big fan and thanks for the support of websites.  It’s invaluable to BUSY teachers who never have time to do the searching ourselves. 

From a teacher in California:
Thank you so much for your help.  Thank you for everything you do for Internet4classrooms.  It  really helps engage students in learning.  Yesterday, I did figurative language word play 1,2,3,4,5&6 and it was great. I came up with a form for it, to be able to hold them accountable. My lowest students were totally engaged.  Thank you so much for making our job easier. You are awesome!

From a technical college instructor in Georgia:
You have wonderful information that will greatly benefit my students.

From a business education instructor in South Carolina :
Thanks for all you do to help make teaching easier.

From a mother in Australia:
I live in Australia and I am a mother of a 12 year old boy, who has ADHD and learning difficulties. He has been a constant underperformer in all academic subjects since kindergarten. I discovered your website last year and now spend 2-3 hours a week working our way through various exercises. He absolutely loves it and after 6 months his grades at school have gone from the bottom of the class to the middle, and in science and maths he is now in the higher levels.I just thought it would be nice to provide you with this feedback as your website has instilled in him a love of academic activities on the web. (We had previously been using book based learning). Thank you for this invaluable tool.

From a middle school teacher in Louisiana :
Thank you so much! This site is great. It has answered so many questions for me and has allowed me to integrate more purposeful technology into my lessons. Your site is book marked and used regularly.

From a middle school teacher in Japan:
The new organization is AWESOME! I do not need to spend long hours creating lessons or using worksheets for simple topics (or complex ones)! I can locate and use those that you have already classified by appropriate level and standard. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! (BTW, I use the site with my own children at home)

From a middle school teacher in NY
A presenter at my school's inservice showed me your site today. I'm just writing to let you know that I love the great collection of links and resources that you provide. I can't believe it--- you have such a complete, non-commercial resources.

From a computer teacher in South Africa:
I am a computer teacher at Estcourt High School, South Africa.Your website is simply excellent, it is helping us so much in educating the children, they love your website. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

From a Texas teacher:
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for creating this site. I use it extensively in my 4th grade classroom and feel that it is absulutely wonderful. Your hard work is very much appreciated. I have shared it with many of my coworkers in the district.

From an instructional coach in the Southeast:
Thank you so much for this wonderful website! We have many ESOL students and we are using this site to help them learn English.

From a Special Ed Instructor:
I just wanted to let you know that I shared your incredible site with fellow teachers at my school. I also share it with graduate students I teach at San Jose State University. They are special education teachers and are so grateful for your website. You’ll never know how much you have helped.

From a trainer at a regional technology center in the Southwest:
Your Web site really has a lot of nice examples and tutorials ... for teachers. I plan to reference it as part of a professional development session that I will be conducting

From a teacher:
I am a part time elementary school teacher and I teach at a community college. I found the website Internet4Classrooms by accident, and I am very happy that I did. I have been looking for a website that would give me the extra tools that I need in the classroom and I truly believe this website is the BEST that I have seen. Keep up the good work. I will continue using this website for my kids in my classroom. I am also a parent and I have been using it at home. This website can be a good tool for parents as well! Again, I just wanted to say this is a great website!

From a AZVA Teacher in Tucson, AZ
Thank you for assisting teachers in providing a superior education to their students.

From a parent:
I am a parent of a child going into the first grade. I found your website and wanted to let you know that I think it is wonderful! I wish I would have found it last year. Thanks for putting this together and sharing it with the community!

From Bangalore - India:
It is so nice of you to explain the terms in such a simple English step by step. Even though for about an year or so I have been trying to learn the basics of Excel, I was scared to go through the lessons or could not able to understand even after studying it online through other web sites. NOW MY FEAR HAS GONE. I tell all my friends and new learners to go through your web site for their benefits.I am sorry that I have no exact words to appreciate your services rendered in teaching the basics of various subjects of computer "ONLINE".

From a Teacher in Georgia:
Hello, I am a Multimedia Teacher here in Henry County Georgia. I love your site, it helps me fill in the gaps when explaining how to create web pages in Dreamweaver. The tutorials are very helpful and are a boon to my classroom. Thanks for sharing.

From a Teacher:
One Web site goes to so many links; links are monitors for effectiveness, etc. You do the work so we don't have to worry about where the kids are working! Thanks!

From a Teacher:
If I had to delete all my favorites except one, yours (Internet4Classrooms) would be the one I'd keep. You have no idea how many times I've taken students to your site. Things that don't seem to "sink in" in the typical classroom setting are learned, reinforced, and remembered through the excellent activities (at Internet4Clasrooms).

Favorite links suggested by ATEC participants.
Well-known site by Bill Byles and Susan Brooks of Memphis City Schools. Provides a plethora of information for teachers! Links for K-12 teachers, On-Line practice Modules, information about Grant Opportunities, Links for Education News, Conferences and Presentations. If you can't find what you want, send them an email and they will be happy to respond. Susan Brooks is recommended as a professional development resource. Sam Rhodes notes, "This site has many training modules complete with hand-on activities that can be used in a workshop setting or with individuals."

Email from a teacher:
Thank you, Thank you ,Thank you! Someone FINALLY gets what kind of information is helpful to teachers! BRAVO

From a parent in Puerto Rico:
Hello, I home school my daughter and among all the resources I have you are the number one. I’ve been using this site for years and also plan to use it with my other child (he is just 1 month). Please continue collaborating and helping others as you do. Thanks

From a technology trainer:
Hi! I am a technology specialist in Florida. I'm beginning some training classes with the teachers at my school and would love to use your materials. Thanks for making them available.

From a technology teacher in Texas:
I teach middle school technology classes and also do training with teacher groups. I'm always looking for new resources!! I've been previewing and reviewing your site for a couple of weeks now. In my opinion, it is without question the BEST SITE on the Internet. I've shared this site EVERY day since I found it.

From a Pennsylvania teacher:
I am sitting in a lab in Pennsylvania attending a teacher workshop on web sites. I came across your Web site and am really impressed with the scope of the links. Well done!

From a Technology Instructional Support Coordinator in the Western US:
I located your site of on-line training this morning as I was helping an 8th-grade teacher prepare to teach PowerPoint. I'm VERY impressed. I'd like to use your PowerPoint presentation and template with my School Board and training series this month and next. Keep up the good work! My master's degree is in Curriculum and Instruction, and I tend to be very critical of online tutorials. However, your tutorials are pedagogically sound and excellent examples of how online tutorials should be written (IMHO).

From a Technology Facilitator in Michigan:
Those are awesome! I am requiring my teachers to use internet4classrooms for training - you've somehow managed to put in all of the necessities without putting in too much "excess" information - kudos to you!!

From a French Web site:
Site EDU en anglais pour EXCEL qui est très bien illustré.

From a teacher at an international school in hong Kong:
Hi, Wanted you to know that I drew inspiration from your work and put together my own web quest for my class. I used some of your work and my own.

From a teacher in the Pacific Northwest:
Thank you. I basically lived in your site learning how to work with the Excel program. I think now I have fundamental knowledge about spreadsheets which will be helpful.

From a technology teacher in Australia:
Fantastic site! I'm a technology teacher in Western Australia and intend using your on-line modules with students.

From a technology resource teacher in New Mexico:
Thanks so much for the great materials. I'm planning to use part of your tutorial in my Excel class tomorrow for some of our staff.

From a teacher in Sydney, Australia:
A big thank you for those instructions (modules). I went through them with the class and in no time at all they knew more than I did!!!!  They were very clear and the results were quite entertaining.

From a teacher in Texas:
What a great site! Found it as part of an assignment for a computer class (the district got a grant and has done a pretty good job convincing us non-tech veterans to take it!) Which is the best? I found them all useful ... Thanks for a great site

From a teacher in Ohio:
I went thru them (tutorials) to help me learn the programs b4 I taught my kids, then I tried activities to use the skill! They are doing great-helping me to learn things also! You and your partner did a wonderful job of presenting the tutorials, and so thorough. I certainly appreciated finding the site! Thanks much! They are "fantastik!"

From a doctoral candidate in Thailand:
I'm now conducting my research on "Web-based Instruction". I found that your Web site about "On-line Practice Modules" which consist of various on-line lessons is wonderful and valuable for my research. May I ask for your permission to use your Web site in my study. My sample group is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

From an Online Instructor and Technology Coordinator:
I read about your Web site at the Electronic School web site and wow, have I been missing out. I teach an online course for teachers and have amassed a number of online resources. I would like to link them to your Web site; I think they will be thrilled. I also am a tech coordinator for a local high school in So. California. I will definitely let my teachers know about the great work you do.

From a technology consultant with a large southern school district:
I have enjoyed browsing your staff's on-line tutorials. I have been in the process of producing just such items for my county, but see no reason to reinvent the wheel if I may have permission to link to your site ...

From a teacher in New York:
Hello, I am a computer teacher in New York and I was looking for ways to teach Microsoft Word to my students and I found your page. I think it is really awesome!

From an Australian teacher:
Have discovered your tutorials via a colleague of mine and would like to use them for my year 9 Computing class in Sydney, NSW, Australia. They are absolutely EXCELLENT and my congratulations go to you for developing a great resource.Many thanks.

Web site | Training Sessions

From Training Sessions conducted by Internet4Classrooms

Excellent! I was tired by the end of the day; however, I left ready to face the new year with an eager attitude!!!
I came with low expectations of information and participation, I left with knowledge and enthusiasm!
Superb! Thanks for the knowledge and insight!
"This wasn't a work -shop, it was a wow -shop!"
I didn't check email once! Usually in workshops, I clean out my inbox.
Very relevant and economical use of time and energy!
I have used the site for 2 years but this workshop helped me realize many more aspects to use.
This kind of session makes me want to go home and do school work, even if it is summer!
I love the way you gave examples then gave us the opportunity to use the skill!
Very informative and very useful for the planning of classroom lessons and assessments.
This has been the most beneficial teacher-friendly, totally useful workshop I have attended in a long time.
Very practical with useful information for ALL levels of technology users.
Excellent workshop for teachers making planning easier and taking documentation to another level!
Very good! It's the most useful training I've had in a long time. I really enjoyed this and I think we have learned a lot.
This is something that I will take back to the classroom to use daily!
This workshop was very well put together, very informative, and was presented with excellent use of differenciated instruction to meet the groups needs.
The i4c site is a time saving tool for teachers to use in their classroom.

( Said about our keyboard shortcuts sheet ) "This is the coolest thing I have ever gotten in a computer workshop!"

I thought that this was very helpful. Computers make me nervous. You have helped solve some fears.

We were given useful information and allowed to use it with assistance. The presenters were very helpful. Information was given in a concise way with no wasted time. I was happy to finally have an in-service presentation that I could use.

"Wow! You guys are Wal-Mart for teachers!"
I learned a great deal and like the personal aspect Susan brought from the classroom!
It was very informative and I came away with many tools to use with technology in the classroom.

It was a very "useful" workshop. I felt my time was well-spent. I liked the step-by-step directions.

I really enjoyed the workshop. It helped me feel better about computers in the classroom. You were very good and understanding of our slowpokes like me.

You answered most things I was wondering about! Thanks!
Excellent! One of the best I have ever been to.

Good coverage of material - had information for both the slow learner and the advanced.

Very good - I have 20 years experience in computers and expected to be bored. Thanks for proving me wrong!

Best workshop I have been to!

Very interesting and informative. One of the better in service sessions we have attended.

I thought this was one of the most helpful and informative workshops that I have attended in many years.
You kept the session moving with no down time.
This was a great experience for me!
Wonderful job! One of the best!
Loved the workshop - I learned things very valuable that I can use in my classroom.
I liked the fact that all of the issues addressed specifically dealt with Pre-Kindergarten.
The information was something that I can "REALLY" use in my classroom.
I liked the applicable ideas to use in the classroom and having an accessible web site to find and use activities.

Very well prepared and presented - the 2 instructors thoroughly knew their topic, they were very patient and kind.

This is excellent! I took away lots of " now ideas!"
Thanks! This was the first in-service that I haven't slept through!

Very informative and enjoyable. I loved learning all of the keyboard shortcuts!




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